27 Nov

Pomskies in Winter.

Have you ever seen a Pomsky in the snow? 

It's magical.

You can't help but smile when you see their fluffy little bodies waddling through the snow, tails wagging as they burrow their way through it. Their Husky ancestry makes them love winter, and winter loves them back. You can tell by the way it embraces them and how it brings out all of the best parts of their Husky heart.

They love pulling sleds across what they see as a frozen tundra and napping after a long hard day of work. Curled up next to a fire with their noses buried in their bellies, reveling in the smell of firewood and the sounds of crackling flames. They love running through forests and jumping into piles of snow for no reason other than that it feels good, and it makes their hearts race to the sound of winter's song.

This world is perfect for them. It's cold enough to be snowy but not so cold that they have to stay inside all day. Though I'm certain they wouls always choose outside if we would let them. They are wild animals at heart, and winter calls to them with its crisp, clean air and the thrill of pulling a sled across their frozen arena.

Pomskies love winter and snow. And this season loves them back.  The smell of firewood in the flames! The fresh air in the forest. The surge of energy when the cold air hits their nose. 

Yes, Pomskies love winter and Snow. They are the perfect dog for this season

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