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Therapy Animals – Offering Comfort and Cheer to People in Needhttps://www.therapydogs.com/therapy-animals-offering-comfort-and-cheer-to-people/

Animals have been known to offer humans companionship since ages.However, more recently, therapy animals have been recognized by medical science for the benefits they provide.There are endless ways that animals like dogs, cats, and horses offer therapeutic benefits and help people heal from physical as well as psychological ailments. 

Besides assisting humans in recovering from their disabilities, animals are increasingly being used for support as well. They can help to calm anxiety and help someone regain peace, thus improving the quality of life.Service dogs are those who have been trained to aide a specific individual with a physical or emotional disability.

Certified therapy dogs belong to people who volunteer their time to help others feel better.  Alliance of Therapy Dogs is an organization that tests, certifies, registers, insures and supports these teams as they make visits to help others.So, let’s delve deep into the world of these amazing therapy animals and understand how they help us find a smile again.

Benefits of Therapy Dogs

As the name suggests, therapy dogs are those dogs that offer some kind of benefit to a person in healing from or improving a mental or physical disorder. While the dog doesn’t directly aid in the recovery process, the therapy team offers support to the person during recovery. Dogs, are common healing companions that nurture a sense of well-being to reduce anxiety and depression.  You can find therapy dogs at medical facilities, airports, courtrooms, schools, libraries, and many other venues, often wearing ‘I’m Friendly’ or “Please Pet Me’ patches, signifying you can pet them and have some fun to revive your spirits.

Therapeutic dogs and other therapy animals are loved in all parts of the world. – Here are some of the ways they help.

  • Animals Can Help Through Mental Disorders

  • They can Help You Fight off Anxiety In Airports

  • They Can Help Regulate Emotions

  • They Offer Social Support

Given the plethora of health benefits offered by dogs, medical institutes and health professionals around the country have started including multiple animal services in the practices.  Maybe you too can find a way to incorporate the benefits of a Pomsky into your health and well being today!

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