Puppies are for Life!

We are committed to producing LEGENDARY puppies for EXTRAORDINARY families!

We strive to promote ethical breeding with the intent to improve breed standards and produce beautiful puppies that can positively impact the lives of families across the country.

With that, we have aligned ourselves with top breeding clubs/associations that are dedicated to the production of breed standard, high quality, well mannered pups. Associations such as the:

 American Pomsky Kennel Club (APKC)

Pomsky Owner Association (POA) 

Good Dog Breeding Program.

It is our goal to always be updated on the most accurate breeding practices and puppy plans of care through continued education offered through these prestigious organizations. Feel free to check out their sites and programs for yourself.

At 'Brick'House Couture Pomskies, we are building our reputation as a trusted Dog Breeder in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. With the implementation of genetic testing, OFA clearances, and the excellently maintained veterinary care of our dogs (Parents and Pups), we demonstrate our acknowledgement of the responsibilities necessary to better the breed.

We strive to ensure the health, quality, and well-being of all our dogs over their lifetime, not just during the breeding and whelping process.

The happiest day for our program is when a puppy is adopted by their FURever family. We are as meticulous about considering the families that we will deliver our pups to, as we are about the pups we deem acceptable to breed. Please be patient with our process. We want to ensure that the right fit occurs between family and pup to ensure an enjoyable lifetime for all involved. Our pups are family and we treat their adoption as such.

Again, We are a family FIRST. We cherish the lifelong relationship we build with our extended pack as much as we do with the ones that live in our homes.

We work earnestly and diligently to develop a genuine partnership with our new owners and within the Pomsky community to provide the most honest, open, and loving experience for the members of our clan.

Old and New, 'Brick'House Couture Pomskies pack members are family for Life.

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