24 Dec

Health Benefits of Living with Pomskies

Pets like Pomskies offer many health benefits to the people they live with. While pets are commonly known to assist those who are struggling with mental health, they can also produce a positive impact on the physical well-being of their families too.  Be it an increased social interaction or a decrease in blood pressure. Living with a Pomsky is beneficial to your health.

Pomskies seem so...ordinary, but they are medical practitioners in disguise. They don't wear lab coats or scrubs. They don't carry stethoscopes or tongue depressors. They may not look like medical personnel, but they graduate from prestigious training programs with varying pedigrees to assist us with all that ails us.  A lot of research has demonstrated that caring for and interacting with Pomsky can have some rather positive benefits on the human mind & body. 

Pomskies can help their humans with a host of mental health challenges. Interacting with them plays a huge role in your emotional health. Pet interaction helps release the hormones serotonin and dopamine. These hormones have a pleasurable, calming, and relaxing effect on the mind. When it comes to emotions, a Pomsky provides companionship, increases levels of social support, and improves mood. The affection of a Pomsky can help people cope with illnesses like depression or Alzheimer's. Pomskies provide emotional support to a population that needs it the most. 

The health benefits of owning a Pomsky go beyond their companionship and ability to provide emotional support for people who may be depressed or lonely. A Pomsky provides benefits to your physical health as well. For example, walking your highly active Pomsky and exercising regularly with your pup could lead to enhanced physical health. Just like telling secrets to a friend you can trust, works wonders towards improving your mental wellbeing. 

When it comes to physical activity, Pomskies provide many benefits to children and adults alike. They offer an opportunity for exercise, time outside, and the chance to socialize with others. Under stress, the body releases a range of hormones that suppress the immune system. This doesn't just happen at times of major trouble - prolonged periods of stress can also lead to chronic health issues, such as obesity, diabetes, and depression.   Pomsky interaction and improved exercise regimens can lead to lower cortisol levels, which in turn leads to lower blood pressure, better heart health, and less risk of other chronic conditions. This has a positive effect on increasing our sense of being healthy.

 From fulfilling the basic human needs for touch and acceptance to sharing their unconditional love, adopting a Pomsky can be a blessing to nearly anyone. Cohabitating with a Pomsky provides extraordinary benefits to health and proves to provide a never-ending return on your investment for mental & physical well being.

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