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A Pomsky
Exactly what is a Pomsky?

Pomskies are a relatively new breed with strong popularity. They have only been established in the last few years.

They are a "Crossbred" / "Designer" dog, typically with a Siberian Husky "MOM" and a Pomeranian "DAD".
This dynamic duo mating, first generation crossing, is always completed by artificial insemination, as the size difference between the dogs isn't conducive to natural methods and frequently leads to lots of bad jokes. These are often referred to as F1 or 50/50 Pomskies.

Some breeders breed more specialized littered like the (F1B). This requires breeding another purebred dog with a regular F1 Pomsky. Genetically, a (F1b) mix is known as a 75/25 cross. The majority of the genetic material is largely coming from one breed.

'BHC' Pomskies leaves this to the Pros, we only breed F2 or greater pups that require less medical intervention.

A pomsky with two (F1) pomsky parents is called an (F2). Two (F2) parents make an (F3) and so on. Technically, these dogs share a 50/50 gene pool but often produce the greatest degree of variability. This breeding step is essential for producing a stable gene pool that breeds true.

What does a POMSKY look like?

All these different breeding combinations are intended to produce amazingly cute dogs that can look like a tiny Husky or an overgrown Pomeranian.
Due to the nature of the pairing, first generation, (F1) Pomskies tend to have a wide variety of size and coat color expression in their litters. As geniously described by Forrest Gump "like a box of chocolates", You never truly know what your gonna get.

Pomskies can have a standard, thick double (and sometimes triple), or woolly coats. Their ears are upright. They can have various colors/ markings on their fur including the coveted husky type mask, piebold, and merle with various shades of black, gray, browns, and creams. And finally, their eyes range in various colors of browns, ambers, grays, and (my personal favorite) double blue that can mesmerize families for years to come.
The fact of the matter is even though the genes are shared equally between the parents, these pups can strongly favor either parent in size or markings. Mother nature likes to mix things up. Eye color and coat markings can change considerably up to about one year of age.
When everything works right, the pups get the best of both worlds. Both of these breeds are generally healthy, they tend to inherit fewer genetic disorders than some purebred dogs. This is not a guarantee as any pup can carry genetic diseases from either parent.

What is the nature and care need of a Pomsky?

Pomskies often resemble a cross between their parents. In general:
are active, friendly, confident explorers.
are commonly family focused and alert to their environment.
tend to be in the middle of the range although both genes and how a dog is raised will significantly impact their personality.  Pomskies tend to be on the higher side of dog intelligence.

ALL Pomskies will shed,
With a thick double (triple) coat, they are not hypoallergenic.
Some will shed seasonally and others year round. Regular grooming including a daily brush, is required to minimize the mess.
Some Pomskies are "talkers" like their Husky parents, others are not. All Pomskies find a way to effectively get their point across in a conversation.

Pomskies can require ALOT regular exercise.
make sure to have your breeder guage he activity level requirments of your pup.  We often say that a tired dog is a good dog. Don't be surprised if a smart, bored dog with pent up energy gets into trouble. This is easily avoided with a proper activity regimen.

Pomskies love to train.
They excel where others give in with mental stimulation.  They will work to remarkable hard to ensure their owners deliver a regular supply of treats and toys for their enjoyment.  Even if is just sitting still and looking cute. 
They will master the plan.  
We believe every dog is different. We strongly encourage socializing Pomskies with other dogs and people (after completing the appropriate vaccination sequence) to ensure that their behavior is predictable and appropriate in future encounters.  All Pomskies have the potential to be wonderful dogs for the right person or family. Owning a great dog is a long term commitment and not the right choice for everyone.
At 'Brick'House Couture Pomskies we will work with you in figuring out if one of our very special dogs is right for you.