Onyx - Louie - Sold

Male #1 - Sold

Introducing - Onyx, now Louie the Pomsky puppy! 🐾🐢

Rose Beary

Female #1 - $1000

😎Introducing the Divine Miss Rose Beary🐻❀

Ruby Bear

Female #2 - Sold

πŸŽ€πŸΎ Ruby Bear, a delightful little White Pomsky who's here to steal your hearts! πŸΎπŸŽ€


Female #3 - Sold

🐾 Meet Cinder White, our beautiful black and white blue-eyed Pomsky puppy girl!


Female #4 - $1000

🐾 Meet Green Ivy, our adorable Pomsky puppy female! Already stealing our hearts with her black, white, and gray fur and mesmerizing blue eyes. πŸ’™


Male #2 - Sold

Introducing - the utterly adorable and heart-stealing Spade! This pint-sized Pomsky puppy has already captured our hearts with his fluffy coat, bright blue eyes, and playful personality.


Female #5 - Sold

The absolutely adorable and marvelously fascinating Skya! 🌟🐾 This little ball of sunshine who has stolen our hearts as soon as she graced our lives! πŸ’– With her perfect blend of Pomeranian charm and Siberian Husky spirit, Skya is the Pomsky princess of the hour!

Togo - Sold

Male #3 - Sold

Meet Togo, This male Pomsky puppy is the definition of cuteness overload. With his soft and fluffy fur, adorable button nose, and curious personality, Togo is sure to steal hearts.


Female #6 - $1000

"Meet Princess, the newest and cutest addition to your family! πŸΎπŸ’• This female Pomsky puppy has already stolen our hearts with her playful personality and sweet shy cuddles. From her fluffy fur to her adorable parti eyes, Princess is simply a bundle of joy.