Puppies are for Life!

Have you ever thought about getting a Pomsky puppy?

Pomskies are adorable, but a little bit pricey.  
Especially if you get a Puppy bred with the intent of breeding.  A well-bred dog with genetic and OFA clearance, from a responsible breeder can easily run you 5-10 thousand dollars.  

What if you could get one a a significantly reduced rate.  

I'm looking to make a list for potential guardian homes. 

What is the guardian responsible for?
The guardian provides loving home to a breeders puppy for the lifetime of the pup.  Guardians are responsible for regular pet/ vet care and providing a loving home for my babies.  Pups must stay intact

What is the breeder responsible for?
 I take care of OFA, DNA, and breeding vet care.  I take care of all the mating pair decisions, and whelping responsibilities.These will be my personal dogs until the contract is fulfilled.  I will care for their breeding quality personally!

What happens when the contract is up?
Then the puppy will become your dog, free and clear, FOREVER!  The only other expectation is a safe environment and a lifetime of unconditional love for our puppy.

What are the benefits of Guardian home participation?
A Pup for you at a price you can afford and a trusted forever home for them! I’m gonna be trusting you with my babies! There will be an interview and home visits involved.

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