Female #3 - $2800

🐾 Meet Cinder White, our beautiful black and white blue-eyed Pomsky puppy girl!

Once upon a midnight of the 26th of March, under the argent glow of the waning moon, Cinder opened her eyes for the first time. She wasn't just another Pomsky puppy - she was a creature sculpted by the hands of fairytale itself, a beguiling blend of Siberian husky and Pomeranian lineage. 

Her coat, a mesmerizing tableau of black and white, billowed like a cloud kissed by the stroke of a calligrapher's ink-laden brush. Roving amidst this achromatic display were remarkable husky markings, like a warrior's mask gracing her visage, giving her an appearance both captivating and enchanting, a testament to her distinctive ancestry.

Her eyes, twin orbs of azure, mirrored the pristine depths of the northern ocean under an unclouded sky. They held an inherent sparkle, the kind you might see when a lone star dares to twinkle in the dark canvas of the night. Even as a mere puppy, those eyes promised tales of endless adventures and incandescent dreams, just waiting to unfold.

As she moved, Cinder carried an elegance that would make a snow leopard sigh with envy. Her strides, though tentative and stumbling at this tender age, carried the promise of the graceful lope of the husky and the sprightly bounce of the Pomeranian. She was a small bundle of delightful contradictions - fierce yet friendly, independent yet affectionate, strong yet gentle. 

Cinder wasn't just born; she was a wish whispered into existence. Like a character spun from gossamer threads of fairytales, she held a charm that reached beyond the ordinary, captivating every heart she encountered.

Now, Cinder is on a quest, not for a glass slipper, but for a forever fairytale, a place she could call her own. She longs for a family who will be enchanted by her, a family who will understand that she isn't just a pet, but a companion, a friend, and a story that never ends. She dreams of warm firesides, laughter-filled days, and star-studded nights by her loved ones' side.

Cinder's tale is one in the making, a story waiting to be written in the hearts of those she will call family. The puppy with the husky mask and the mesmerizing blue eyes is ready to embark on her journey. She is the kind of magic that only comes once in a blue moon, a Pomsky fairytale ready to find her forever home.

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