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Title: Clover and Logan's Magnificent Pomsky Litter


Behold the mesmerizing blend of striking colors and delightful personalities in Clover and Logan's Pomsky litter. This awe-inspiring group of puppies, born from the stunning black and white, husky-masked, brown-eyed Dam, Clover, and the impressive silver and white, husky-masked agouti, blue-eyed Sire, Logan, is truly a sight to behold.

Each of the puppies in this litter reflects the best of their parents' distinct attributes. Their fur is a glorious mix of their parents' black, white, and silver hues, creating a captivating color palette that ranges from silvery white to deep, rich black, often within the same puppy. Some of the puppies have adopted their father Logan's striking agouti markings, creating a beautiful contrast against their predominantly white and silver fur.

Clover's brown eyes are mirrored in some of the puppies, creating a soft, endearing expression that instantly tugs at the heartstrings. On the other hand, several puppies have inherited Logan's piercing blue eyes, a characteristic that is not only rare but also incredibly attractive in the Pomsky breed.

The puppies have inherited their parents' soft, fluffy coats, with a few puppies even showcasing a hint of the Husky's classic mask. This distinctive feature enhances their charm, adding to their already irresistible appeal.

Despite their tender age, each puppy's personality is beginning to shine through. Some are bold and adventurous, taking after their energetic sire, Logan. Others are more reserved and gentle, mirroring their dam, Clover's, patient and loving nature. Regardless of their individual personalities, all the puppies share an inherent joyfulness and love for play that makes them the perfect addition to any family.

These Pomsky puppies offer the best of both worlds, combining the miniature size of the Pomeranian with the striking appearance and playful nature of the Siberian Husky. Their unique blend of colors, markings, and eye color make each puppy a one-of-a-kind wonder. With their playful antics and irresistible charm, Clover and Logan's litter promises to bring endless joy and companionship. This remarkable Pomsky litter is a testament to the breed's charisma and adaptability, making them the perfect companions for any home.

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Onyx - Louie - Sold

Male #1 - $2800

Introducing - Onyx, the Pomsky puppy! 🐾🐶

Rose Beary

Female #1 - $2800

😎Introducing the Divine Miss Rose Beary🐻❤

Ruby Bear

Female #2 - $2800

🎀🐾 Ruby Bear, a delightful little White Pomsky who's here to steal your hearts! 🐾🎀


Female #3 - $2800

🐾 Meet Cinder White, our beautiful black and white blue-eyed Pomsky puppy girl!

Togo - Sold